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Taxon is currently closed for business. Thank you for your interest in our planet.


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Dien| (AIM) rpforlolz
Sofo| (AIM) sakuraofrureo


taxonmods[@] gmail [dot] com

the city of taxon
Thousands of years in the future, Earth's civilization has ceased to exist. It has left traces, however, enough for an alien intelligence from a few galaxies away to gather it together, study, and assemble something of a history. This study, this story is based on the most enduring thing humanity created: fiction.

Not content with merely piecing the the tale together, the intelligence decided to try and recreate it.

After years of development and disaster, these aliens created the city of Taxon, a home for as close an approximation to life from Earth as they can manage. Placed safely in a large cavern on the inside of an abandoned moon, the project is a blend of archaeology and zoo and dinner theatre for the aliens. The city is filled with buildings from Earth-- or more accurately, Earth's fiction. Plants grow, the sun shines, lives can be lived. It's not a perfect or exact science; things go wrong often as the intelligence adjusts its methods and adapts new data.

Taxon is a prison but not without its benefits-- for many characters it represents a chance to start over, even if they have died in their own stories, or to live a life free of the problems of their own world. Great care has been taken to provide the characters with many of the comforts of home.

This is their home, after all...

Taxonomites is a panfandom DWRP where fictional characters are brought to life by aliens in an underground city for the sake of research, entertainment, and horrors.

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